Design Notebook by Sias SA

Concrete Mixtape #08: ”Difros” Residential Complex ( Alexandros Tombazis, 1975 )

Sounds: FakeOffice Words: Evi Sougkara

Driving along Kifissias Avenue, leaving behind the centre of Athens and heading towards the upper class northern suburbs, you are faced with the quasi fractured urban landscape that surrounds it. That until you reach the exit to Chalandrion area, that’s where a structure of firm syntax rises above, that’s where you meet Difros residential complex.

Difros projects to today the innovative and unconventional principals of 70’s Japanese brutalism and metabolism that shaped it’s design, an architecture of raw materials, functionalism and bold plastic forms.

The building consists of four units varying in height, firmly placed on a landscaped plot. It contain a total of 43 apartments and underground parking facilities. The shape of the volumes is strongly determined by their programmatic function, allowing for bold protrusions and subtractions that formulate outdoor spaces and large openings. Two vertical elements that connect the units by two, serve as the main circulation cores.

Fake Office translates the rhythmic architecture of Difros and its relation to its amorphous surroundings into a set filled with counterpoints and fractured sounds.



Concrete Mixtape #08 : ”Difros” Residential Complex
( Alexandros Tombazis – Dimitris Diamantopoulos, 1975 )
1. Benzéle Pygmies – Hindewhu Solo
2. Raphael Roginski – Lonnie’s Lament
3. Vito Ricci – The Ship Was Sailing
4. Alessandro Bosetti – African Feedback 2
5. Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy – Al Weshaya
6. Floating Points – Silhouettes (I, II & III)
7. Matmos – Ultimate Care II Excerpt Eight
8. Jerusalem In My Heart – A Granular Buzuk
9. Opto – 04.34 a.m
10. The Kyoto Nohgaku Kai – Deha
11. Pierre Schaeffer – Objets Liés
12. The Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir – Erghen Diado