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Soft Curves – Interior Design for the Headquarters of the Ophthalmologists of Northern Greece Association by K&K Architects

Interior Design for the Headquarters of the Ophthalmologists of Northern Greece Association

In Room TalesWords by K&K Architects

The new board of directors of the Ophthalmologists of Northern Greece Association -a professional’s club with approximately four hundred members- decided to upgrade the organization’s profile, due to the relocation of its headquarters.

The brief called for an interior with strong identity and the ability to manifest the organization’s contemporary profile. The space should provide room for seminars and a designated area for the boards’ meetings. Most importantly, it should be inviting to the members and encourage them to hang out and host their meetings.

The new headquarters are hosted in an 100sq.m open plan space, on the 6th floor of a building in the city’s down town, that is reminiscent of late modernism. We envisaged the space as a contemporary educative club, more than as a typical seminar hall.

A see-through curved, custom made, bookcase is the core element of the space. Its curved shape is “followed” by two blackout curtains that enclose and define two seminar areas for 30 and 60 people accordingly. A reference to the heavy curtains often used during the fifties, where the Association traces its beginning.

As they roll on their rails, the ambience changes. The space perpetually transforms from a bright open space to an introverted interior and backwards – a movement that draws inspiration from the eyelids’ role as an intermediate between light and darkness. The lighting fixtures fitted in the roof contribute to space’s “mobility” as they are placed in a rotary vortex-like order.

One of the curtains traverses a set of twin bespoke desks, a humorous gesture emphasising the multi-functionality of the space. A curved wall surrounds the secondary spaces, i.e. the storage room, the wc and the open kitchenette. The two curved structures of the bookcase and the wall, define the transition from the entrance to the open area in front of the windows.

The 10m long glazed façade, oriented to the south, provides an unobstructed view to a series of eclecticist façades, whose tips meet the sky. We chose to highlight this feature of the space, by keeping the rear area free of any interruptive fittings. When the sunshades are open, the buildings across the street seem to rise from the glossy reflecting epoxy floor. When closed, the perforated fabric allows the view to reveal through a blue graphic pattern, designed to dissolve to the sky’s blue colour. The vivid colour serves as a playful background to the subtle shades of gold and silver applied to all other elements.

All furniture, as well as the pendant light that defines the meetings’ area, are designed especially for this project. The result is a fluid continuous space with soft dividers and light colours that exudes a clear, contemporary and welcoming feel.



Project info
Type: Workspace, Interior, Office, Healthcare
Location:Thessaloniki, Greece
Completion Date: September 2015


Architects: K&K Architects (Katerina Kotzia & Korina Filoxenidou)
Photos: Theodosis Georgiadis


K&K Architects is a Thessaloniki based architectural practice founded in 2000 by Katerina Kotzia and Korina Filoxenidou. K&K will be among the speakers of ESW Interior Design Conference, to take place in Athens on the 17th of February, proudly supported by SIAS SA.