Design Notebook by Sias SA

Concrete Mixtape #03: Spiteri Residence (A. Provelegios 1956-58)


The Spiteri Residence, built between 1956-58 by Architect Aristomenis Provelegios for sculptor Ioanna Spiteri, is a narrow 5m wide building, on Kykladon 8 street in Kypseli, Athens. The building’s transparent glass grid facade, encloses an open plan interior featuring a double height atelier for the artist and a residence on the upper floors. A metallic ladder connects the different spaces, creating a ‘promenade architectural’, a clear reference to the work of Le Corbusier, with whom the architect has worked with and become a great supporter. Other elements that reference the Le Corbusier influence are the interior spaces coordination that merge into each other, as well as the use of raw concrete surfaces in combination with white ones.

Fake Office reflects on the harmonic geometric synthesis of this iconic greek modernist building, offering us a rhythmic yet subtle audio tour to accompany our mental promenade in it.

Fake Office