Design Notebook by Sias SA

Concrete Mixtape #04: Public Power Corporation Sub-station and Office building (C. Κrantonellis 1973-77)


The Public Power Corporation Sub-Station and Office building, built by Architect Cleon Krantonellis between 1973-77, is a unique structure that manages to completely merge with the city’s fabric while being able to accommodate a difficult functional program. At the same time, it manages to achieve a sophisticated sculptural form, one that poetically interprets and comments on the building’s function and program.

The architect, was faced with a demanding design decision as to how to place the building within a plot of peculiar geometry, an acute angle defined by the junction of the straight line of Tritis Septemvriou Avenue in the center of Athens and the curved line of Rizou Street. This peculiar geometry derives from a city planning gesture that refers to the railway lines turn from Lavrio Square to Attiki railway station.

In submitting the building’s form to this geometry, Krantonellis designed a building with one vertical facade and a curved one that merge into an acute angle. The vertical facade alongside Tritis Semtemvriou Avenue is treated in a subtle way with raw concrete, while alongside Rizou street the architect placed the huge electrical distribution and supply boards in a protrusion that seems like an oversized sculpture of raw concrete, copper and aluminium. These two facades merge into the acute angle of the plot, into a slim vertical front treated with glass – originally designed to receive a kinetic sculpture by artist Giorgos Zogopoulos, that was never realised.

Fake Office draws inspiration from the building’s poetic interpretation of the city’s fabric as well as the programmatic function of the building itself, proposing a assortment of experimental compositions strongly influenced by machine like and electronic sounds, to accompany our mental promenade inside it.


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Fake Office