Design Notebook by Sias SA

Concrete Mixtape #05: Athens Tower 1 & 2 ( Ioannis Vikelas,1971 )


The Athens Tower 1 & 2 is a building complex comprised of two glass skyscrapers connected on first floor level, built by Architect Ioannis Vikelas between 1968 – 1971. Athens Tower 1 rises up to 25 stories and is the tallest building in Greece with a height of 103 m (338 ft) while the second tower rises up to 12 stories.

The towers follow the paradigm of international architecture of the time, as much in their formal syntax and construction techniques. The load bearing structure is made of concrete, completed with aluminium framed glass facades. The interior of the buildings is organised around the central staircase and elevators system core, maintaining flexible space arrangements with the use of movable partitions. The facade’s arrangement features a prominent use of glass in accordance to the vocabulary of 60’s international architecture, highlighting the vertical axis with the use of white marble coating on the columns and brown anodised aluminium for the window frames.

Fake Office draws inspiration from the strict geometric lines of the structure as well as the aura of the 60’s prestigious architecture it represents, to guide us in a mental promenade inside it, switching from noise to melody in an immersive sounds compilation.


Concrete Mixtape #05 by Fakeoffice on Mixcloud

Fake Office