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Concrete Mixtape #06 : Bank Of Piraeus, Korai Building ( E.Vourekas & Sir B.Spence, 1969 – 1975 )


Greek construction journal ‘Technomodica’, informed its readers on an article published in the 1976 issue that the to be completed building on the junction of Stadiou and Korai square would come to “be rated as one of the most beautiful buildings in Greece”. Designed in the early 1970’s by Scottish architect Sir Basil Spence in collaboration with Greek architect Emmanouil Vourekas, the building incorporated elements attributed to modernism, whilst attempting to create a dialogue with adjoining neoclassical buildings (the cornice line of the adjoining Neoclassical building coincides with the balconies on the building’s upper floors) as well as infer the trace of the neoclassical building demolished for it to be erected.

The building’s structure and construction were more complicated than many contemporary projects in the country as was it’s design that took time to absorb in the city’s urban grid. Nonetheless this month’s compilation, welcoming summer, take us though and around this awkward, uncanny, brilliant form as Fake Office described the structure, with its eight stories, lobbies, suspended mezzanines and executive suites with panoramic views to the acropolis.


Concrete Mixtape #06 by Fakeoffice on Mixcloud

Fake Office