Design Notebook by Sias SA

The Shutter project, Ioannina GR – by Vicky Poriki


The house is located in a new residential area, on the boundaries of Ioannina, Greece , in an environment which reminds of the modern heterogeneous building. The necessity of creating clear “limits” in an effort of an introverted functional space, while pursuing the possibility of exposure to the view, led to the development of the central idea of ​​the design. The “limits” are constructed with exposed concrete, at the two borders of the plot, marking the movements of the public space to the residence and vice versa.




The Shutter project, ground floor plan


The Shutter project, first floor plan


The ground remains at the existing levels and due to the declivity of the road the residence unwraps its 3 levels, forming with the appropriate manipulations (tumor geometry, material differentiation) distinct dynamic relations of the interior with the exterior.




The bedrooms and the utility rooms, accompanying them, are sited on the ground floor, while the living room and the kitchen on the first floor. Along the side of the first floor large slide frames have been placed, which in connection with the balcony that extends along the living rooms, enable the creation of an “overhead courtyard” in an urban landscape.






In this way, while giving the feeling of greater comfort and extent of the area, the functions of the floor are expanded, to the “overhead courtyard”, which enjoys the northeast orientation and the view of the lake of Ioannina and is essentially the contact between the residence and the urban landscape.





In the outer side of the balcony wooden shades are placed, which enable the residents to have shading and introversion whenever they want, without affections in the view and the sunlight. In addition, the placement of shades provide the building with an changing view, which functions interactively with the environment, in a game of exchange, inner and outer space, and an introversion-extroversion alternate game of privacy.







Project info
Project title: The shutter project
Architects: vp architectural studio
Location: Ioannina, Greece
Architect In Charge:  Vicky Poriki
Interior Design: vp architectural studio
Site: 301.60 m2
Area: 150 m2
Year: 2012
Photographs: Costas Vassis


VP architectural studio is an architectural and design studio based in Ioannina, Greece, established in 2008 by Vicky Poriki. Their work Shutter Project, has been selected to be showcased at the 8th Young Architects Biennial to take place in Athens in September, proudly supported by SIAS SA.