Design Notebook by Sias SA

“Theseus” Recovery and Rehabilitation Center on Syggrou Avenue

In Building StoriesWords by Betaplan

The new Recovery and Rehabilitation Center of “Theseus” is located in Syggrou Avenue, one of the most significant thoroughfares of Athens. The project designed by architectural practice BETAPLAN concerns the complete refurbishment of an existing building and the development of a new multi-storey extension for the accommodation of the provided health care services. These include among others Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Doctors’ Surgeries, Examination Rooms and Treatment Units with a 58-bed capacity for staying and daily patients who require physical rehabilitation or suffer from disorders of the muscular, nervous, circulatory, skeletal and respiratory systems.

The building comprises two main functional units, the patients’ wards and the treatment spaces, which are expressed architecturally into two distinct building volumes surrounding the Center’s main entrance and the reception and waiting areas. The double height entrance space receives natural light, both from its transparent façade and from the landscaped atrium. Next to the main entrance is located the staircase and lift central core running through the whole building, whilst vertical circulation is complemented by two internal staircases that enable movements within the Center’s two functional units.

The most characteristic element of the project is the design of the facades. Through the installation of translucent profilit profiles at street level and bands of colored glass louvers at the levels above, both functional volumes are visually unified. Moreover, the colored glass louvers, which are controlled separately for each room, filter the light and isolate visually the building’s interior from the heavily trafficked external environment of Syggrou Avenue.

The roofs are planted and landscaped to provide spaces for outdoor therapy and relaxation. Areas for short outdoor walks are created on the 2nd and 3rd floors, above the physiotherapy and hydrotherapy pool areas. Their siting on an intermediate level facilitates direct communication with the adjacent floors but also maintains the necessary distance from the noise of the neighboring streets. The roof landscape is completed at the top of the ward unit by a cafeteria which, with its free standing cover and transparent facades, makes the most of the excellent views towards the city and the sea.



Project info
Client: Euromedica S.A.
Program: Recovery and Rehabilitation Center
Area: 6.779 m2
Status: In Construction – Expected Completion 2nd Quarter 2016

Design/Architects: BETAPLAN
Team Realization:  Th. Amargianos, K. Andreadou, I.Stipac, K. Kofinaki, M. Chanioti, M. Lazaridi
Structural: Christos Pappadopoulos
MEP: Christos Tsekouras
Photography: Fotis Milionis


ΒΕΤΑPLAN is an architectural practice established by its principals Ioannis Ventourakis and Takis Tavaniotis in 1987, as a continuation of their original collaboration initiated in 1972. Margarita Ventouraki, representing the young generation of architects in BETAPLAN, will be among the speakers of ESW Interior Design Conference, to take place in Athens on the 17th of February, proudly supported by SIAS SA.