Design Notebook by Sias SA

Concrete Mixtape #07: Passenger Terminal of the Piraeus Port (I. Liapis & E. Scroumbelos)


A building of monumental dimensions, 185m in lenght and 51m in height, the Passenger Terminal of the Piraeus Port Authority designed by Ioannis Liapis and Elias Scroumbelos stands in a monumental stillness. A part of an unrealized bigger masterplan that included a complex of terminals, customs’ offices, port authority and harbour works, the immense bare concrete structure is embedded with symbolic claims in terms of form, metaphor and technological innovation. Gazing at the upwardly curved roof slab, supported by tensile cables anchored to a series of central columns – reminiscent of masts and cranes – Fake Office take us with Concrete Mixtape #07, to a sailing trip into the ever fascinating inertia of architectural form.



1. Hulk – The Moon Versus the Sea
2. Icebreaker International – The Pacific Rim
3. Burial – In McDonalds
4. Chas Smith – False Security Of Numbers
5. Tint 2 – Rosy Apples
6. Dasha Rush – Sleep ballade (excerpt)
7. Luciano Cilio – Della Conoscenza
8. Boards of Canada – Kid For Today
9. Pan American – Sleep and Fall
10. Icebreaker International – North Atlantic

Fake Office