Design Notebook by Sias SA

Hand drawn artwork by Joanna Burtenshaw for SIAS: The Making of


On the occasion of ESW 2013 sponsorship, we were more than happy to work with Athens based artist and architect Joanna Burtenshaw for the creation of this beautiful hand drawn mural piece. Joanna uses her obsession with detailed drawing to create large scale and atmospheric surface murals – in this case our dream window views.

Working with a variety of media, including chalk, pencils and paint, the artist draws inspiration from the details related to each space – the history of the space, of the owners – to built a narrative from which to design the murals. For this particular piece, the inspiration came from the idea of ‘framing’ breathtaking views of Greek urban and rural landscapes. Using white dry erase markers on a black board 4.00m by 2.80m surface, Joanna rendered some of the images powerfully imprinted in our memories when thinking of Athens, of the Greek islands, of Greek nature. All the things we would love to see from our window every day. To celebrate this inspiring collaboration, the whole process was documented in the video featured above. Enjoy!