Design Notebook by Sias SA

Invisible Frame I with single rail – by Vitrocsa


Sias, in collaboration with innovation leader Swiss Vitrocsa, presents Invisible Frame I. Following the ground breaking Invisible Frame II series, Invisible Frame I features a single rail embedded into the flooring.

Invisible Frame I revolutionizes once more the embedded rail systems by Vitrocsa. The new system allows for a single rail to be placed within any kind of flooring (wood, marble, concrete etc.), offering a unique and sophisticated visual and tactile experience of unified interior and exterior space.




Invisible Frame I specifications:

  • Better stability.
  • 15% greater resistance to wind load .
  • 50% better water tightness. Rain water will not penetrate as the base grid system is digested in the ground.
  • Better drainage of water as drainage becomes a vertical axis .
  • 60% better air permeability .
  • Excellent sliding properties as stones or anything that could cause problems in the rail system is impossible to go through the rollers.
  • 100% safer crossing.
  • Greater cleanliness as there is no possibility of collecting dust particles and debris in the grooves of drivers.
  • Very easy cleaning access inside the drain as the coating of the Invisible Frame removed very easily.
  • Unparalleled aesthetic sophistication with a unified plane between exterior and interior.

Exclusively by Vitrocsa Switzerland. Certified and patented .