Design Notebook by Sias SA

air-lux connect: room for individuality


Adding up to the unique 173 sliding window-façade series, air-lux presents connect profile, a stylish fusion of wood and aluminum.

Swiss KPAPF has engineered air-lux, an innovative sliding casement window pane and facade system, exclusively represented in Greece by SIAS. air-lux 173, is a unique slim profile window that fits flush to floors and ceilings, featuring a unique pneumatic sealing concept. Along with its sliding casement window panes of up to 18 sq.m, air-lux 173 meets the highest aesthetic demands and building requirements of architects.


Deep matt, micro-textured architectural powder coatings.


High-quality anodised colours and textures.

connect profile, has the same technical qualities and certifications with air-lux 173 while offering architects and interior designers new dimensions and possibilities for the unique design of living space – from classically distinguished to ultra-modern.


The finest wood surfaces, available painted, oiled, waxed, brushed or polished.

The exterior façade profiles consist of durable, weatherproof aluminum, executed in architectural powder coatings or high-quality anodising. In the interior, the slim profiles are made of high-quality woods not normally used for solid wood-metal windows. Together with the look and feel of selected wood species, available painted, oiled, waxed, brushed or polished, air-lux connect opens up to architectural freedom and room for individuality.