Design Notebook by Sias SA


  • the-flat-09

    Entering a flat.tering world.

    Kalliga Square, adjacent to Patission Avenue, is a unique example of  post-war architecture in Athens. The 30 building blocks on Karamanlaki and Efpalinou streets that surround the square, feature architectural charasterictics such us terrasses, thrown cast exterior surfaces and balconies, resembling a unique uniformity. In this rare fragment of quality popular...

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  • elliniko-cargo-13

    Inventories of the mundane

    This photographic essay takes us through a documentation of cargo infrastructure typologies at Ellinikon airport in Athens. An inventory of unacknowledged space verging into ambiguity. Everything that the city threw away, everything it lost, everything it despised, everything it crushed underfoot, he catalogues and collects. He sorts things out...

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  • Demolition-01

    Demolition Diaries

    Demolition refers to the process of breaking buildings or structures apart. It is the exact opposite of construction, which pertains to putting all parts and pieces together. As an act of erasure within the city, demolition comes together with erasing a part of urban history or collective memory. On…

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  • 100-article

    Vitrocsa at 100%design event stand E320 100 %design, UK’s renowned contemporary design event is launching between 19-22 September, at Earls Court London and Swiss VITROCSA is going to be present.

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  • papastratos-advertisement

    When architectural competitions spur creativity: urban gestures in Athens during the 60’s.

    Architecture in Athens, sees a short yet important boom during the 60’s. The architectural community, is introduced to and influenced by modern movement, the international strive to establish the disciplne as a driving force to improving society as well as a desire to foreground its intellectual dimension, thus engaging…

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  • Angelidakis-casinoTROLL-02

    When architects tell stories

    Made in Athens, the Greek participation for the 13th Venice Biennale, curated by Panos Dragonas and Anna Skiada, focuses on the city’s current condition amidst an economic and civic crisis. While addressing major problems concerning living conditions, public space and architectural design, it attempts to map a group of…

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  • summerpostcard19

    A Summer Postcard

    We will be taking a vacation from blogging in August so we would like to take a moment and thank you all for joining us at SIAS blog. We will be back in September with more inspiration to share, until then have a great summer!!

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  • house-in-possanco-16

    Mediterranean Architecture with a Twist

    For the design of a vacation house in Portuguese countryside Possanco Commora, ARX Lisbon Architects, manipulated the traditional two-garret and patios formal vocabulary of Alentejo region houses, in creating a strong pierced volume “a house of deformed perspective in axonometric projection”.

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  • environment-transformers-fly-01

    Inner World / Innen Welt

    Haus-Rucker Co, together with Ant-Farm, Superstudio and Archizoom, form a group of experimental architecture collectives that emerged in the 1960’s. Their work eloborated concepts on utopian perceptions of the city, exploring the potential of architecture as a means of critique and performative device for envisioning new living configurations. Haus-Rucker…

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  • Klein-Bottle-House-01

    A house with no boundary

    Klein Bottle house by Mc Bridge Charles Ray Architects is a weekend house located in Mornington Peninsula, Australia. Inspired by the site, engulfed in tee-treed sand hills adjacent ocean beach Ray, the architects experimented with spiral, shell-like forms to propose a structure that nestles within its surroundings and evokes…

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