Design Notebook by Sias SA


  • xenia-poros-02

    To be traditional is to be contemporary part #02: infrastructure in post-war Greece

    During the post-war period in Greece, there is an attempt to improve the country’s infrastructure, with regard to provide affordable housing for a growing population that is flowing into big cities to seek for work and at the same time for the development of several sites as touristic destinations….

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  • Aris-Konstantinidis-portrait

    To be traditional is to be contemporary

    Aris Konstantinidis, Sounio, 1956 Aris Konstantinidis (1913-1993), is one of the most prominent greek contemporary architects, whose work has been recognized regionally and internationally. Konstantinidis studied in Munich from 1931 to 1936, where he came in contact with modernist architectural concepts of the time. Like many modern architects, Konstantinidis’...

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  • ville-spatiale-00a


    Handbusch, is a Yona Friedman’s exhibition launching on the 28th of June at Chert & Motto Gallery in Berlin, initiated by Cneai. Invited by Chert and Motto within the context of Paris-Berlin exchange, Cneai devises a staging of Yona Friedman’s published works, a project’s encyclopedia, a public usage of…

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  • villa-ladybird-01

    on Blurring Inside and Out

    Villa Ladybird, a vacation house faced in siberian arch planks by swedish practice Johan Sundberg Arkitektur, features an aluminium framed glass enclosure that envelops a courtyard and offers views to the ocean.

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  • hwkn_aerial

    Meet Wendy

    Wendy by HWKN, Mathias Hollwich and Marc Kushner, YAP’s this year winning project, is much anticipated to open on June 28, to occupy MoMA PS1’s courtyard in Long Island city, Queens and play host to the acclaimed MoMA PS1’s Warm Up music series. YAP (Young Architects Program), an annual…

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  • charles_and_ray_eames

    A set of information in search of an Idea *

    Watching The Architect and the Painter, a new documentary film about the work and lives of famous American mid-century designers Charles and Ray Eames, by Jason Cohn and Bill Jersey, one looks at the groundbreaking creative process behind their best known for plywood, fiberglass and wire frame seating and…

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  • loft-in-psirri-25

    On Contemporary Interiors within Downtown Athens Listed Buildings

    A neoclassical building in downtown Athens Psirri, encloses an open plan loft residence to a photographer, designed by architect Natalia Kokosalaki. The design for the house, recently awarded ‘Best first project for young architect’ by DOMES magazine, creatively reflects the owner’s and architect’s love for urban culture and allows...

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  • frieze-new-york-05

    On Manipulation and Prefabricated Structures

    Randall’s Island, situated between Manhattan, Queens and Bronx hosted the inaugural Frieze New York event. Formerly having hosted an orphanage, poor house and reform school and being one of the few open lands in New York City of that size, Randall’s island was selected to accommodate the temporary installation…

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  • serpentine-pavillion-01

    On Digs and Traces

    Since 2000, Serpentine Gallery London has been running Serpentine Pavilion project, an annual commission to outstanding architects to produce and complete a design for a pavilion sited at the Gallery’s lawn for a three month period. Launched with a design by Zaha Hadid, the project has proved to be…

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  • Google-Campus-by-Jump-Studios-6

    Coworking Ecologies

    Coworking spaces have sprung in big cities around the world like San Francisco, Berlin and London, to cover the needs of business start-ups, frequent travellers, work-at-home professionals and freelancing practitioners. The concept behind these premises is quite simple. To offer a flexible shared working space where someone can have…

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