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    Surprisingly a few weeks ago Flaneur magazine popped in my newsfeed with some familiar images. Oh yes, it was Athens! One of my favourite magazines was literally around the corner, working on issue 5. I guessed that they were looking for their next street.   Photography:Ricarda Messner...

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  • Ese-studio-Thissio-Appartment-05

    Thissio Appartment by ese Studio

    Athens based ese studio of architects Sotos Mallas and Aaron Ritenour, has been producing a number of inspired interior design projects since their formation in 2011. Driven by their love for good craftmanship, quality design and a strive to create work that resonates with their client, ese studio projects…

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  • Sias-blog-ISV-Architects-Filopappou_26

    House On Top – Residence in Philopappus Hill, Athens by ISV Architects

    House on Top by ISV Architects, View from the roof-top deck. Glass facade Vitrocsa TH+ by SIAS SA.   A highly esteemed jogging trail is running along the foot of Philopappus hill in Athens, next to Acropolis’ imposing rock. Arguably one of the holy-grails for runners worldwide, it connects...

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  • City-Talks-Georgios-Makkas-Sias-Blog

    City Talks: Georgios Makkas finds the local in anonymous london

    On this week’s City Talks we are discussing on the go with photographer Georgios Makkas about his transition of leaving Athens and choosing London as a base for his upcoming projects. His last project in Greece – “The Archaeology of Now” – depicting closed shops in a number of Greek...

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  • Concrete-Mixtape-05-Athens-Tower-Ioannis-Vikelas-Fake-Office

    Concrete Mixtape #05: Athens Tower 1 & 2 ( Ioannis Vikelas,1971 )

    The Athens Tower 1 & 2 is a building complex comprised of two glass skyscrapers connected on first floor level, built by Architect Ioannis Vikelas between 1968 – 1971. Athens Tower 1 rises up to 25 stories and is the tallest building in Greece with a height of 103...

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  • City-Talks-Markos-Zouridakis-Sias-blog-006

    City Talks: Interviewing Markos Zouridakis

    Living in a suburb of Athens, but not standing a day without visiting the centre, graphic designer Markos Zouridakis believes that there is a power hidden within the banalities of everyday life. The last two years he works primarily with the medium of digital and analogue collage, experimenting with...

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  • 04_New-Waterfront_-The-sculpture-of-Zoggolopoulos

    New Waterfront of Thessaloniki by Nikiforidis – Cuomo

      The New Waterfront of Thessaloniki, designed by Architects Prodromos Nikiforidis and Bernard Cuomo, is a large scale and recently completed in its second part public space redevelopment project. The realised proposal, awarded the 1st prize in an International Architectural competition held in 2000 by the municipality of Thessaloniki,...

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    City Talks: Paul Davis finds London hilarious

      The artist, illustrator and writer Paul Davis finds London hilarious. Proof, his ongoing project “Tired of Life”, a series of drawings where he explores the large grey city’s meaning – luckily for us – not in a very discreet way. Like a journalist, Davis keeps his eyes and...

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  • IMG_5086

    Into Stoas: a guide and a coaster for the city within the city of Athens

    I met with Natassa Pappa of Street Design Words a few years back, when she was returning from Rotterdam holding an MDes in Graphic Design focusing on public space and I was cheating on my Architecture degree running a creative office focused mainly on web design with my friends and fellow students...

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  • Byzantine-Museum-Photography-Giorgis-Gerolympos-Sias-Blog-05


    Yiorgis Yerolymbos shares with us through his words and images, his encounter with one of the most prominent and fascinating works of Greek Architecture, the Byzantine Museum in Thessaloniki, designed by architect Kyriakos Krokos. Shot back in 1996, the black and white images speak in powerful manner, as does...

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