Design Notebook by Sias SA

On the Possibility of Rearrangement of Existing Things


KEG apartment and Crane Rooms from The Vehicles project, Aristide Antonas 2012.

The Vehicles project by Aristide Antonas, is part of Adhocracy exhibition curated by Joseph Grima within the context of The First Istanbul Design Biennial. The project, explores the possibility of rearranging existing inhabitation rationals as a means of questioning the role of design in shaping a habitable environment and at the same time discuss new situations of autonomy in relation to urban living conditions.

Bus Hotel proposes a bed and breakfast space rational to be installed in a two level existing bus structure. KEG apartments propose a program for inhabiting the wagons that can also be detached from their cars to form stable units for a certain period. In Crane Rooms, a lifting mechanism is attached to simple concrete foundations or vehicles to propose a program for inhabiting non hospitable natural environments or form a dispersed, moving “crane room hotel”.

In the form of three publications, also available onlineBus Hotel, KEG apartments and Crane Rooms, propose a process of selection and distortion, a sort of a program for applying transformation on some found existing structure, more than a closed predefined design scenario.

Adhocracy is Installed in the old Galata Greek primary school and spotlights alternative approaches to the top-down organization that dominates the design industry – it’s about DIY, hackers, rebellion, and participatory production. The exhibitions runs from 13 October to 12 December 2012.